1. Ensure you've selected the correct sound source. 

Enable each source that you want to record from and select an appropriate source (for PC Sounds, 'Default PC Speakers' is usually the best option to start with).  

2. Make sure your microphone levels are set high enough. 

If you just have the mic selected in the FlashBack Recorder source control, this should be simple, but if you've got more than one source selected (as in the image above) it can get trickier. You can verify the mic levels by checking them in Windows:

  • Right click the speaker icon in the Windows icon tray (bottom right of your desktop, normally) and select 'Recording Devices':

  • In the Sound window that appears, select the microphone you want to record from and click 'Properties'.

  • In the Properties window, select the Levels tab and make sure the Levels setting is set appropriately.