As of version 5.43, we have made some changes to simplify adding Zooms to your recordings. This will slightly change how any existing Zoompans that you have added in previous versions will work

What's different?

You no longer have to add one Zoompan effect to zoom in to a region and then another Zoompan effect to zoom out to the whole screen - a single Zoom object is now added to your timeline that covers the entire duration of the zoom and it will automatically zoom back out at the end of the object.

Old zoom objects:

New zoom object:

Since there is now just one object, the transition speed of the zoom can no longer be set by the length of each object so the transition speed is now automatically set by FlashBack

Finally, the Apply Zoom/Crop button has been removed so any zooms added will now automatically be applied to give you the zoomed in view. To see the whole screen in order to adjust the size/position of the zoom, double click the Zoom object on the timeline - the whole screen will be shown with an adjustable green frame. When you are done, click the Apply button within the green frame.

How does this affect old recordings?

Any recordings with the old style Zoompan in them will be automatically updated to the new style of Zoom. The original zoom in and zoom out effect will be replaced with a single Zoom object which will automatically have its duration set to match the time between the tow original zooms effects.

There are a few things that are no longer supported, however:

  • Panning between different zoomed regions is no longer possible. You will now need to zoom out from the first region and then zoom in on the second region.
  • Zooms cannot be applied across transitions