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Keyboard shortcut for the flexible Next/Prev icons?

The customisable next/prec icons on the 'play bar' are a really neat touch - it would be even better if they had a keyboard shortcut tho??

e.g. I have 'Text Box' selected, so hitting Ctrl-Alt-Right takes me to the next Text Box - and so on?


I think we can sneak something like that in. Probably using Ctrl + Left/Right arrow to jump between whichever object you have selected.

That would be great - it's such a good idea to have it in the UI, adding keys would polish that to a 'T'

I'm currently going through the Trial - upto now I've made tutorial videos in Vegas and I'm pretty quick with that but the workrate I get with Flashback is WAY better - the results are more consistent and easier to get 'just right' - it's a great tool!

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