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Resolution issues with FlashbackPro on new 2-in-1 laptop

I just bought a new Dell 2-in-1 tablet/laptop, and title bar text, menus, check boxes for recording options in Flashback Pro are barely readable. Also the floating control is so tiny you can barely see it! Resolution for this laptop is 3840 x 2160. Any solutions or fixes for this??

I have attached a screenshot showing how tiny the floating control panel is compared to small desktop icons.



Found a fix for the hi-res display/monitor issue. This is for Windows 10 and is program specific fix which is better than changing your Windows display setting for everything. Watch this video -- skipping the about the first 4 minutes of intro (fast forward to about 4:55).  Worked for me!


If you are using one of the recent versions, you can also try changing the 'Ignore Windows scaling' option on the Appearance tab of the Player Options.

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