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FlashBack cannot record that sound source

I just purchased my copy of FlashBack.  It keeps telling me that FlashBack cannot record that sound source.  

It then says, " Try selecting a different one,

or make sure that its connected correctly or that another application

isn't using it. Recording will not continue."

I checked my sound device properties.  The exclusive mode box was checked earlier.  I've unchecked that box.  Restarted the computer.  Restarted FlashBack.  Still get the same error message.

I don't know what else to do

Can you try recording again and, when the message appears, immediately go to Help -> Support -> Report Problem to Blueberry... to send us a problem report please. We'll take a look at the log files to see if they tell us anything. In the report's description please include a note of what sources you had selected in the app and which others are available for selection.

Report sent.  I forgot to mention that other sources available were default speakers/microphone

We've not received any reports. Can you try sending it again please?

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Sent again

The logs we received seem to indicate that some other app has still reserved the mic for exclusive use. Even if the Windows option is disabled, some apps have their own setting that can still allow them to take exclsuive control of the mic. Skype is an example of an app that has had its own setting (I depends which verison is being used). If you are running any other apps that may use the mic, you should check those to see if they have an exclusivity option as well. 

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finally got it working.  thank you for your help

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