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Not asking if I want to preview after recording.

When I first installed Flashback, it would ask me when I clicked stop recording if I wanted to Preview, Save, or discard the video. Then I checked Open Video Automatically box in the settings, thinking it would go straight to preview when I finished, but instead, it asks me where I want to save the file every time and it defaults to .flv files.

So, I unchecked automatic open, but it still does the same thing. Then I uninstalled it thinking that would reset the options, which it appeared to do, but it still does the same thing.

Anyone know how to fix this?

It sounds like you have the option to only record from your webcam enabled. 

Webcam only videos just use the webcam's native .flv format instead of FlashBack's .fbr format so they don't open in the Player because the Player doesn't support them. 

You would need to use the option in the Player's Tools menu to convert them into FlashBack files if you want to open them in the Player.

You are correct. That's what I was doing. Thank you.

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