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Sound echo when recording using Flashback Express Free

I video recorded an online conference meeting using Flashback Express free on a Windows 10 laptop (attached to an external screen that has a speaker). I did not use a headset/microphone but relied on the speaker of the external screen to hear and used the inbuilt mic on the laptop to speak.

When I playback the video recording within Flashback Express 5 Player, there is a sound echo.

At the bottom of Flashback Recorder there are two separate tracks - one says 'PC Sounds' and the other says 'Microphone'. Is there a way to simply delete the whole'Microphone' track as I believe this is causing the echo. (I've searched how to delete this for a couple of days and still haven't found a solution).

FlashBack Express doesn't have an editing options so its not possibleto delete any content (including audio) with that edition.

FlashBack Pro does allow you to delete audio tracks though - right click on the track's titlebox (at the left end of the track) and click Delete.

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate you so much!

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