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Exported MP4 doesn't show video right away

I'm seeing a strange issue in Flashback Express where the video for an exported MP4 doesn't show for the first 20 seconds or so.  It starts to fade in after a while, and then when I go back to the beginning while I still have the file open with Windows Media Player, the first 20 seconds show up fine.  This is a consistent problem with multiple export attempts.  I'm running on Windows 7.

I tried setting Video Encoding to the highest Quality setting but that didn't help.  I changed the Codec to Microsoft Media Foundation and the problem went away, but it resulted in a much larger file.  The other export options (.avi and .wmv) likewise don't exhibit this problem but also have larger file sizes.  So it's only the Openh264 codec for export to MPEG4 that has this issue.

Can you send an example fbr and mp4 to us at so we can take a look?

I sent an example that exhibits the problem to you, along with a recording of how it looks on my screen (a video of the video playback).  However, I think you can ignore this, as I think the problem might just be with Windows Media Player on my computer.

I sent the video to someone else and it played back fine on their computer.  I am also able to play it back fine in Google Chrome.  IE exhibits the same bad behavior as Windows Media Player, but I'm guessing that may be because IE is probably using WMP under the covers.  I also see the same bad behavior with an MP4 file that was exported from a completely different tool, and not Flashback.  So yeah, never mind.  Thanks for the rapid response and offer to help, however.

The final word on this ...  I must have had some corrupt Windows Media Player executable files on my computer or something.  I uninstalled and reinstalled (which I had to do by turning off and back on the Windows Media Player Windows feature, since apparently WMP is installed that way on Windows 7), and then MP4s played properly on my computer again.  Strange issue.

OK, thanks for letting us know.

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