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Speeding up export to MPEG4

I recorded an hour long video.  I find the export is taking almost another hour.  It looks like the export is using only 1 core on my machine.  Is there a way to speed it up / use more cores?

I have the pro edition, 5.36.0 Build 4417

You can potentially improve performance by using multiple threads for the export process. However, there is a known issue with the third party openh264 codec where it sometimes creates exports that cannot be opened by some players when doing this, so we stick to using just one. But if you want to experiment with using more than one, there are a couple of edits you can make to the encoder's config files, both of which are found in the your FlashBack installation folder.

If you open the 'welsenc.cfg' file, you can change the 'MultipleThreadIdc' value from '0' (for automatic) to the number of threads you want to use.

Or if you open the 'welslayer.cfg' file, you can change the 'SliceMode' value from '5' (for automatic) to '1' (for a set number of threads) and then also change the 'SliceNum' value from '1' to the number of threads that you want to use. 

Thanks for response and the suggestion.  I'll give those a try.

So which codec is fast a best quality as "openh264 codec"?

Why it is not mentioned - download link somewhere, .CHM manual...

@Radim: There are only possible codecs to choose from - Microsoft Media Foundation which is included with WIndows and Cisco's openh264 which is automatically downloaded from Cisco when you use it for the first time. openh264 generally give the better result so is set as the default option.

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