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Starting Recorder when user logs in, record full desktop when application starts

I'm using Flashback Express, but am willing to pay for pro if needed. 

I am trying to track down a intermittent defect in our manufacturing software.  I would like the recorder to start anytime the a user logs in. I would like for it to record using the options I've previously configured (keep last 30 minutes of recording, pause when no activity). 

Unfortunately it would be impossible for me to embed the Flashback into the application.

For extra credit,  I only need to record when a specific application is running. 


Evan R.

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FlashBack doesn't include any options for automatically starting on login, I'm afraid.

Settings are stored in 'C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Blueberry\FBExpress5 Recorder.xml' so if you copy that file from an installation that you have configured and place it on any other PCs you are running it on, they will adopt the same settings. These are not locked though so the user can change them.

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