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FlashbackConnect subscription?

I seem to recall that when you launched the FlashbackConnect beta, the free version came with a storage limit, and there was mention of the final version being a paid-for subscription service?

Is this still the case? I can't find any reference now. Or has my memory failed again? :(

The recent improvements to FlashbackConnect are great, now with full support for the interactive movie functions and easy upload direct from FB5. So I'm planning to make much more use of it. But I don't want to find that I'm hitting a storage limit, or that my movies are inaccessible to my users because of a bandwidth limit.

Also, have you removed the "Upload FBR file" option from the web site, or was it never there? Or am I missing the obvious? The easy upload from FB5 is great, but it's not always convenient to have to launch the full editor and open a file, just to upload it.

Thanks for any clarification.



The service is currently still free with usage limits. You can check you current usage level and limits by clicking on your account name in the top right corner and then going to Settings -> Account. For heavy users of the service, we can increase the limits within reason upon request.

We've not actually made any changes to Connect for quite some time. Both support for interactive movies and direct upload from FlashBack 5 have been in there from the start. In fact uploading directly from FlashBack is the only way to upload - there has never been an option to upload from the web.

Thanks for replying. I've now found the current usage page, thanks.

I'm surprised you say you haven't made any changes. I recently noticed that the button click to open a URL is now working, which it didn't before, and there is a definite improvement in default image quality to HD Original instead of 720p on my most recent uploads.

Maybe the change is at my end in browser updates? (Firefox)

Whatever, I think the FlashbackConnect service is great, especially for a free service with generous limits and no advertising. Many thanks.


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