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Changed FlashbackConnect password

I changed my password on FlashbackConnect for greater security. After that, FB5 refused to connect for upload, with a "Wrong token" error message.

After some fiddling about, I found that it was necessary to click the "Create New Account" option to enter my new password, even though I'm still using the same account. Which is a bit counter-intuitive.

It would be helpful to have an "Enter changed password" option, or some such.



You shouldn't have to create a new account. You should just be able to use the 'I already have an account' option to login again with the new password.

Thanks for replying. I did see "I already have an account" but not until I had first clicked "Create a new account".

Which is a bit counter-intuitive, because if you already have an account which you want to use, creating a new one isn't what you would expect to click. Screenshot attached.

Perhaps it's a confusion on the meaning of "account"? Maybe "Create a new Login" would be better wording after changing a password?

It's a minor point, but it confused me for a while. I'm easily confused. :)



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