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player-controls overlay warning

When exported as MP4, for example on FlashbackConnect, the player-controls bar appears over the bottom of the frames whenever there is interactive mouse activity.

If this bar cuts across any inserted objects (or the Pause graphic) the result looks ugly and unprofessional.

It would be great to have an optional marker line across the frames when editing, or maybe an optional warning message when anything is inserted too low on the frame.

It would also be great to have such a warning line when recording, to make sure nothing of importance strays into the controls bar area.



There's not a standard size for these control bars so they can vary considerably from one player to another making something like this tricky to do. For now, we're going to have to leave it up to the user to be aware of how they want to use the final video and to lay it out accordingly.

Thanks for replying.

I found that on FlashbackConnect the controls bar is 30 pixels high. So I have improvised a marker by adding a full-width watermark object at 33% opacity, which serves the purpose fine. :)



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