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[FlashBack Express] Switch the existing/previous app licence/key to a different/new one...


Other person was previously using this PC, and she was as well using the free FlashBack Express Recorder/Player with her own full licence key for this...

Now, when I'm the only person who use (and will use) this PC, it is obvious that I don't want to utilize another person's FlashBack Express registration - I do want utilize my own licence/key instead...

However, even as-cleanest-as-possible re-installation of the app automatically re-brings her registration back again, and perhaps I am missing something, but I don't see any apparent way how can I now switch it to mine...

Of course, I don't want to re-install the whole operating system anew because of this - such a necessity would have been just annoying...

So, kindly give me a hand with this quite a problematic for me situation...


Sergii O. Tkachenko

AKA TSerzhO_

AKA ```SERZH@nt```

AKA SandI Love

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Again, for licence queries we will respond to you directly.

Hi Team,

I have the same problem. Could you pls help me?



For licence queries we will respond directly to you.

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