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Zoom in and out in the frambar


Is there a way to zoom in and out of the framebar - to see more or less frames in the player while editing? To be clear, I am not talking about zooming in and out of the movie.I just want to be able to see more frames in the framebar so i don't have to scroll as much. It will help me when I need to delete many frames.


I'm afraid not - the framebar has a fixed zoom level. Possibly this is something we'll change in FlashBack 6 though.

Any tips on how to select a large amount of frames to delete? Or any tips on how to move around in the framebar? For example, when I scroll left and right, it always jumps too fast for me and I lose my markers - so I am spending too much time finding my place.

If you know what you want to select, select the first frame, use the scroller to quickly move along the framebar to where you want to end the selection and then hold the Shift key when you click the end frame - this will also select all of the frames in between the two selected frames.

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