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2 monitors to separate files

I have the pro version of Flashback recorder (v4.1.25.4277)

The PC has 2 monitors connected to it. I want to be able to record both screens but have the output files recorded separately for each monitor.

At the moment I have the choice to record either monitor or record fullscreen.

If I record fullscreen the recording is output to one file with both monitors joined.

I cant seem to find an option to do this and flashback recorder will not allow 2 instances to run at the same time.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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FlashBack will only allow you to run one instance of the Recorder. If you open a second instance, it will kill the first.

If you need the two screens in separate files, you would have to make a copy of the saved recording that contains both and then use the cropping function to crop each of the recordings down to just one of the screens each.

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