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How to enter license key into FB 5 Pro

I have been using the FB Pro 5 evaluation program very successfully and have 4 days left on the trial.

I purchased the program (FlashBack Pro 5) and received the license key via email.

Following instructions in the email, I launched the trial program and clicked on 'Enter full licence key' and entered the key. Nothing happened.. No errors - Nothing. The only option available to use the program,  I then click on 'continue trial'. When the program loads, it displays 'Licence Invalid'... What's Up?? Entering the license key apparently had no effect - the red watermark is still present after recording the screen.

Any ideas about what I must do to use the licensed program??

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Disregard previous post.. Operator error!! I had a trial copy of FB 5 express installed as well as FB Pro 5 trial - removed the trial copy of Express... and... everything works well!!

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