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Insert Frames Multiple Times

I have recorded a video that contains me speaking about some topic. However, I would like to insert larger pauses whenever I finished one thought.

To this end I would wanted to copy one frame (during the short break where I don't speak) and insert it, let's say, 20 times to make the break of me talking longer.

However, choosing "past frames" it only inserts 1 additional frame and if I was to repeat this 20 times, this would be annoying and would create 20 new levels with 1 frame each. I want to avoid both things.

What is the best way to insert this frame 20 times?

Many thanks!

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If you select the frame that your want to pause on and then go to Edit -> Insert Frame(s)..., you can use the windows shown below to specify how many copies of the frame you want to insert.

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