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Can't set up Youtube Uploads


when I try to upload Videos to Youtube with the Flashback Express 5 Player Version 5:31.0 I get the popup dialog titled "Upload Movie" saying that I have to grant permission to allow the uploads. I then follow all the steps, copy and paste the code I get from Google into the edit field and click "Upload". Then instead of uploading I get an error message saying "You need to grant permission ..." wher I can click OK or Cancel. OK just takes me back to the previous dialog where I can start over with the same result.

I tried it many times, restarted Chrome, restarted the Player, nothing helps.

Please advice!

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Can you start the Player and then use the Report Problem to Blueberry option in the Support section of the Help menu to send us an error report please? This will include a set of log files that we can check.

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