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MP4 export options

Is there an option to not autoplay an mp4 movie? In other words the movie downloads paused and doesn't play until the user presses play. There is the option when exporting to Flash, but I would like this for mp4 movies too.

TIA. Patti

Do you mean when opening the MP4 in a media player like Windows Media Player, VLC, etc?

In those cases, the autoplay would be controlled by the player itself rather than being a property of the video.

(For Flash, the autoplay is actually controlled by the HTML file that is generated alongside the video file)

Thanks for the info. So I guess what that means is if it's controlled by the player, then the person viewing controls whether the movie auto-plays or not.  I did a test in browser and by just opening the file on my computer. The first waited for me to click the play button and the latter played automatically.

Yes, that's correct.

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