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Flashback Express 5 to Pro


I bought Flashback Express 5 in April of 2017 and have been happily using the features until today.

I accepted the software upgrade notification that appeared, but, now all of the features I had have gone, they are now only available in Flashback Pro.

After checking, it seems I now need to pay again to upgrade my licence.

I haven't had any notification via email that the licence I paid for 10 months ago would become useless, what is going on?

FlashBack Express is the free version of Flashback and never has any of the features included in FlashBack Pro.

I can see that you registered a Flashback Pro trial at the end of April 2017 but that is now expired. If you purchased FlashBack, it could only have been FlashBack Pro but it must have been with a different email address to this one as I cannot see anything in our system.


I have emailed details via the support address, I'll await a response.

Thanks for the info

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