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Edit Text dialog background is too dark for comfortable editing

 In the latest update the Edit Text dialog's text field is dark grey. I use yellow'ish text balloons with black text, and the dark background dramatically impedes the legibility of the black text - up to a point that it is almost impossible to work with now.

It renders this latest version useless for my work.

Does an option exist to change the background colour of that text input field? Or perhaps a configuration file can be changed?

Or should I rollback to the previous version?


There shouldn't have been any change in the textbox editing in the latest update. Be aware that the background color of the text edit area is set from the background colors defined in the Appearance tab. If this doesn't help, can you send us a short FBR that reproduces the problem? We'll take a look. 


FlashBack Support Team

This morning I checked for the problem again, and it resolved itself. I updated to the latest release without restarting the machine last time. That would be my only explanation.

Or magic :-)



Ok - thanks for letting us know!


FlashBack Support Team

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