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FlashBack Pro 5 Player: Only sound for some seconds

I recorded my screen for about 9 minutes. Then I wanted to review and cut my recordings for which I wanted to use FlashBack Pro 5 Player. However, in FlashBack Pro 5 Player there is only sound for about 14 seconds after which there is no sound in FlashBack Pro 5 Player any more. If I pause the recording (still in the same session) and jump to the very beginning and play it again, I DON'T hear any sound at all, even not for the first 14 seconds. However if I export the recording and then watch the exported screen recording, there is sound as expected (from the very beginning to the very end at about 9 minutes).

What is going on here? Any advice appreciated!


We've not heard of anything like this happening before. Does it happen with all recordings or is it just this specific one?

I recorded another video now and now everything works fine for the new video. I used the exact same setting. Very strange...

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