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Save Recording Settings

After setting all of the advanced options for recording, is there a way to save the settings for later use.  It might be helpful to have a couple of custom settings (one for higher performance one for lower) saved so they can be 'applied' as needed without having to change/remember all the parameters. 


Thanks for the suggestion. Can you tell us which settings you find yourself changing often? Might be helpful in figuring a solution.

FlashBack Support Team

When I get back in U.S. I will give you the settings I address.  Thanks for asking. What I am  specifically asking about are the settings relating to exporting/producing the final output.  There are quite a few settings in General-Video-Audio tabs (I'm doing this from memory so hopefully I have your headings right or close).

The reason to have a save setting to Number 1 or 2 etc. is that sometimes I want very high quality and a large output file is good, other times, for files to upload or add as mail attachments, size is more critical than great quality. 

And by the way Great Product.

Here is an example of something I would like to assign to a save button (I think 3 or 4 such "buttons" would be great).


Export frames whole movie

Scale to pixles 256x1440

Keep aspect ratio

Pad with dblack



Codec windows media 9

Quality 100

2 passes

1st pass bit rate 9600

Full frame rate 30fps

Ok, thanks for the feedback.

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