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Recorder controls moving and shortcut?

Just purchased pro; seems excellent.

When recording I would like to be able to move the recorder control box from the bottom left to somewhere else on the screen.  How can I do this.

Second, when i begin recording full screen, the recorder control box disappears.  I can use shortcut keys to pause etc, but how can i get the recorder control box to reappear.  I want to be able to see that the recording has actually paused.


You can move the Recorder by clicking on the titlebar at the top of the Recorder window and dragging it to a new location.

If the Recorder disappears completely whilst recording, check to see if you have the 'Minimize to Tray When Recording' option enabled in the Window menu. If you do, can can pause, stop, etc by right clicking on the icon that appears in your Windows system tray, or you can disable the option by simply clicking on it in the Window menu.

Thank you.


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