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Du recorder help me retrieve video from other folder. It was stolen

Artwork rare artwork that i made stolen by soneone involved in massive corruption scandal.

Hi. FlashBack doesn't make .rec files (or run on Android). I think you need to get in touch with some other software vendor?

What time did you comnent sir? 5.3

We don't understand. What is your question about the FlashBack Screen Recorder?

You don't understand secret coding?
What about that last one? 8.5.3
9.5.2 plus 5.3
You promise to god that you don't know about them?
I find it hard to believe you don't know about this code i talk about here. Do you need a full explanation?
I have a facebook and youtube you can find the videos i make on. I tried to share the link of one explaining how pissed i am a video was stolen. I want the culprits too.
Live eagle live must know something about it. They store every piece of data from your phone with servers sonewhere. Hollywood or something has tried to drive me to suicide
Go look up kris watson. Do you see the videos i talk about here?

We're sorry, but we have no idea about any of the things you're writing about! Unless you've got a question about FlashBack screen recorder, we can't help you :(


FlashBack Support Team


how can i restore the deleted videos from du recorder..? Its too urgent. Please help

If you have deleted your recording, there is no way for FlashBack to recover it.

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