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Feature Request: Export & Import all annotations as text file

 I created a couple of video tutorials with a fairly large number of text annotations. It would be handy if the user could export all those annotations in the project to a text file, so it is easier to send to an editor for review and to read through all the text without having to scroll to the entire timeline.

The reviewed and changed texts would than have to be re-imported into the tutorial somehow. An import option would be truly useful to have.

More importantly, these text annotation would have to be translated at some point to cater for other languages.

Exporting the text annotations as an XML file with IDs and the option to read these back into the original file with translated and/or edited versions would be a great addition.

Wow, that is pretty darn awesome. I had not thought to look under that header - thanks!



I think we have this covered already. In FlashBack Pro Player, go to Tools -> Localisation -> Export Text to RTF. This will export the text from all textboxes in the movie to an RTF file. You can edit that and import it using the Import function in the Localisation menu. 

The RTF file can be translated into a number of languages that can be imported separately - the movie can contain a number of languages. Select the current language from the Localisation menu and then export the movie to create a video file with textboxes in that language. Take a look at the "Localization Features" topic in the Help for more details. 



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