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Feature Request: copying annotation should copy all attributes

 Hi, new licensed user here, and I love working with FlashBack Pro. I've started creating video tutorials, but I noticed that when I copy and paste a textbox, the Duration properties I set are not maintained.

This means I have to change the duration settings for each duplicated textbox in the timeline, and this stops the flow quite a bit. It adds precious seconds to each text box I add - with hundreds of these things, it quickly becomes a chore to having to change those duration properties again, and again, and again...

I hope the developers will consider fixing this in a future update.


Thanks for contacting us. The duration settings are indeed copied with the rest of the testbox properties. Which version of FlashBack Pro are you using?



FlashBack Support

Build 5.27.0 4280

Just tested this once more, but the "display for 2.5 seconds and "pause movie while...." checkbox properties are not maintained in the copy.


Ah - that combination of settings results in it being incorrectly copied and pasted. I'll raise an issue on this and we should get it fixed soon - thanks!



Blueberry Support 

Awesome, thanks! Really enjoying Flashback so far. When this is fixed, I'll be able to zoom through making video tutorials.


I updated to the latest version, and this still isn't resolved, unfortunately. I had really hoped it would have been - it seems simple to fix.



Sorry about this. We thought it had been fixed. When we can get a fix we'll let you know.


FlashBack Support Team

Thank you. Software development can be overwhelming, I know.


This is now fixed in the latest update! It already saved me numerous extra clicks and shaves off minutes of tutorial creation.
Thanks so much!


Ok, great to hear :)

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