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Loopback mode


I would like to see FB support a loop back recording mode where it can be set to record over the current file after a user defined period.

Here is why this might this be a useful feature.  Sometimes I use FB to capture  information about a software problem in an application, especially when the problem occurs randomly.  Doing so can create a very large file which cannot be sent to the vendor without having to clip it to a smaller size.

By being able to put FB in a loop back mode the size of the file can be controlled and unnecessary steps eliminated. That would mean that FB would need to be able to track where the logical starting point of the recording is located because if the recording had looped back over itself the logical start of the recording would not be at the beginning of the file.

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Hi Frank,

For this kind of usage, where you're recording for a long time, waiting to capture an unpredictable, intermittent event, we hoped the 'File size liming' features would be useful. Have you tried them? You could record indefinitely but just keep the last X minutes or Mb, then stop recording after you see the event.



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