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CheckSynchronize Error


Whenever I open up a recording (.fbr) I always get this error message:

CheckSynchronize called from thread $XXX, which is NOT the main thread.

I'm trying to record my screen by the way.

Recording seems okay, no error message when I try to record.

The problem is, I can't play the recording and program just hangs.

Throws me the error above and the program just hangs.

I'm using a windows 10 pc. Flashback Express ver:

Thanks for feedback.

(20.2 KB)

We've seen this error a couple of times in the past when anti-virus software blocks FlashBack from writing to the disk. Are you able to add an exception for FlashBack in your AV software to see if that resolves the problem?

No. I added the whole folder to the exception for my AV but still, same error on playback of the recording.

 How about if you right click on the shortcut and use the 'Run as Administrator' option to start FlashBack? Does that make any difference?

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