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Since the Version 1.4.2 the New "enable text search in movie" option added to record options.

Since a Version 1.4.2 New option added to Recorder Advanced tab - "Enable text search in movie", if checked and Capture Driver recorder mode is selected it records TextOut events that allows text search. Off by default.


I've made a new video with the option "Enable text search in movie (increases file size)" checked. So, how do I search for any text(texts) that has(have) been captured inside my video now?


Could you please explain in more detail what is this option really is, what does, what doesn't, how, etc.. Or kindly give a link where everything this is already explained.



Love your app.!

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If you've recorded a movie with Capture Driver mode, it can capture displayed text in a way that enables you to search on this in FlashBack Player, where you can use the menu function Movie -> Search for Text. However, this works best for text in menus and buttons and not for text in webpages. It worked better on conventional applications on older versions of Windows and you may see varying results.  


FlashBack Support Team

This doesn't work!

I have both the 'Enable text search in movie' and the 'I have an older PC or want to minimize CPU usage (Capture driver mode)' options checked (turned on) and capture driver itself successfully installed, but video files size  became even smaller! Moreover, in contrary to the statement , everything began to act retarded during video recording (capturing), even though my PC is far not old! And  the most important, Movie --> 'Search for Text...' button doesn't become active in FlashBack Express Player while reviewing my new videos.


Your app. is great, but why don't you have same good and complete user guide on how everything should be configured, how everything has to be working, etc., etc.?

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Hi. The results from this feature were always varying, and have become less so as Windows and applications have moved on. We will remove the feature.

We never activate driver mode by default on PCs now because its useful only on older ones that were unable to run 'GDI' or 'MPEG' modes effectively. Please select 'Automatic' record mode again.

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