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Differences between personal and business licensed?

May I know what is the differences between personal and business licensed?

Personal licences are for home use on personal projects and can only be purchased as single licences. Typically this would be for hobbyists, etc.

Business licences are for when purchasing for a business or organisation and can be a single licence or multi licence to cover multiple PCs. If you require a company invoice and/or an EU VAT invoice, then you would need an Business licence.

If I pay the $99, how many PCs can I put it on?  Or do I have to pay more money to put it on multiple PCs?


Business licences are charged per PC so $99 would be for a single PC.

However, we do apply volume discounts when purchasing for more than a single PC. For example, when purchasing for 2 - 5 PCs, it currently costs $89 per PC, while 6 - 10 PCs would be $79 per PC.

When purchasing a business licence, you can set the number of PCs that you want to purchase for on the checkout screen (as below) and the unit price and total price will update accordingly:



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