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select+copy framesA then select framesB & paste/replace them with framesA

I can't find instructions on paste/replace (one to one, not ripple)

my specific interest is replace frames and leave audio untouched

Any pointers?

'preciate it :-)

FlashBack does not allow frames to be replaced - you would need to separately insert the new frames and replace the old frames.

When inserting and deleting frames, if you click on the audio track's title box (at the left end of the track), you should see the red mark disappear - this means that the audio track will not have edit operations applied to it (note - this feature is not available when inserting a movie, only when inserting frames).

I think the provisos person was possible like myself trying to find a way to edit audo for Video logs  to do what Movimaker does which is simply to be able to edit Videlogs without ruining the sound or making the sound apparent it was edited but  a smooth clean join. Moviemaker is free as you know  but there is a very  slight micro pause almost undetectable so it is my hope to make cleaner Vlogs/ Blogs that have no glitch .

EG if you look at any youtube video they all make mistakes as the record. so they keep talking but say it a again if they make an error . They need to be as still as possible but it matters not . What matters is the audio joining is clean for the clip they did correctly. EG I stammer or go umm umm in my video , so I just say it again  with no stammer and when i get back I edit the stammer / emms out and the audio is clean  , other than and slight glitch in my head movement   or background which is acceptable .

Hope this helps explain

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