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Can i change the size of my webcam recording?

Using flashback for gameplay recording.. But the webcam recording on the screen is too big. Covers to much of the game screen for my liking. Any way to change webcam video size?

Are you using the option to show the webcam while you are recording? If you are, then the image that you see on screen is recorded as part of your screen and cannot be changed. In that cse, you would have resize the webcam window before recording. However, if you are not showing the webcam whilst recording, it is recorded separately and then embedded on top of your screen recording - when you open the recording in the Player, this allows you to be able to click and drag the image to reposition and resize it.

And just to add, while FlashBack can capture some video games, it was really designed as a more general purpose screen recorder so is not always well suited to capturing them - particularly if they require hardware acceleration to render the image.  However, we have been working on a dedicated games recorder named FBX, which has been coded from the ground up specifically to record games. We hope to launch a free beta in the next few weeks so if you would like to take part in the beta to try it out and provide feedback, please let us know.

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I figured it out.. Recorded fine. Now i just cant use the video lol when i try uploading to youtube, it tells me video type is mot supported :/ im unsure about this recording app but if i can get it to work.. Lol Regards

YouTube does not support .fbr files if that is what you are trying to upload.

However, there are still 2 ways that you can upload to YouTube:

  1. Use the Share option and select 'Share with YouTube' to upload directly from the FlashBack Player to YouTube.
  2. Use the Export option to convert your recording into one of the formats that is supported by YouTube (such as MP4) and then manually upload that.
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