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Using FB Express in Lightworks 14.x

Has anyone figured out the secret to using the output from FlashBack Express in lightworks?

I'm trying to capture a video of a mobile app running in a simulator window and then import that video into lwks 14.x.

My core video (me talking) was recorded using an HD camera at 1920x1080 at 29 fpsMy windows 10 Desktop is set to 1366x768I have FlashBack Express set to 1280X720 - change screen resolution during recording.

I can record the demo clip on the desktop just fine. It gets saved as a .wmv 644x652 which lwks obviously won't import.

Since I have AnyVideoConverter, I've attempted to convert to both generic .avi and .m2ts formats. The .avi wouldn't import and the .m2ts is "enlarged" to a point that much of the video is cropped out or the video is cropped or shakes/jitters etc.

So, I ask, what's the process for this?



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So I guess Flashback recordings can't be used in a professional editing environment... 

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