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Export Window No Longer Automatically Pops Up??

 I just upgraded to Flashback Express 5 and notice that

after 'saving' a recording, the 'Export" window no longer

automatically pops up?

It did in previous versions.

So now, after clicking 'save', the only way to 'export'

is to open the recording manually in player and click export?

This is a LOT of  extra work.

Is there any way to export without opening the player??!?


Exporting is always done from the Player now. To make this a bit quicker, you can automatically open movies in the Player when recording stops by going to the Recorder Tools menu -> Options -> Misc and turning off the ' When recording stops, ask to review, save or discard' option.


FlashBack Support Team

Bummer move.
It was a LOT quicker with an option to export after recording.
That should ALSO be an option checkbox:
"Export after recording"

May have to go back to an earlier version.
[or OMG perish the thought... a different program!!!]

Thanks for the quick reply.


Hi Marc,

Ok, we hear you. We'll add the 'Export' option to the Save / Review / Discard window that appears when recording stops. 

The reason we changed this behavior: most people want to open the recording after making it, to check that its ok. There were too many steps involved in this, so we made a change to have recordings open immediately in the Player, where they can be reviewed, edited and exported.


FlashBack Support Team

You'll put that feature back IN???
It's my birthday tomorrow, what a nice present ;)

Till then, I AM attempting to download FBPro 4
But I've tried IE and Firefox and the link won't work for me
on the old version page:

Could you send me a direct link to the .exe file??

I LOVE Flashback Express!!
Marc* the Arcturian
YouTube "1 Million Views" Club



Sure - we'll add that back in :)  We were trying to streamline the record-review process for users (particularly new users - we typically only get a few seconds to impress them) but can see that there is a set of users that want that immediate export feature.

That /downloadoldversions link is old - not quite sure how you got it. We ask that users login to the store now and select the option to download products they bought previously. You can do that here:


FlashBack Support Team

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