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Multiple Picture in Picture?

I'm making a video where I need to overlay three separate webcam feeds on to the content. 

When I choose Picture in Picture, it will ask me if I want to replace the current feed if one already exists. However, I don't want to replace it. I want to add (in addition to the existing).

Is this possible? The current process I'm going through is to add a feed, export to wmv, convert the product of that to flashback format, add a feed to that, export to wmv, ad nauseum. That takes a TON of time and is very laborious.

Is there any easier way to do this?

I'm afraid FlashBack only supports a single picuture-in-picture video per recording so there is no easier way to do this than what you are doing already.

However, we do plan to introduce support for multiple videos in FlashBack 6.


Thanks for the quick reply. It is encouraging to hear that this is being addressed.

Any ETA on the release of v6?

 We don't have any planned time frame for a release at the moment but it won't be in the next few months.

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