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Fade to Black at end of movie?

I see there is a "transition" effect for Fade to Black, taking the movie to the next there a way to "end" a movie with a Fade to Black effect?

Thanks, in advance, for you help.


The Fade Through Black transition will always conclude by displaying the image in the following frame.

To achieve a fade to black effect what you can do is insert an image in the final frame that is simply a block of solid black (add an extra frame if necessary). Then size the black image so that it fills the entire screen and then add a Fade Through Black transition from the penultimate frame to the final frame.

Hi Steve,

You can easily end a movie with a Fade to Black like this:

In FlashBack Pro Player

- Go to Effects -> Start/End Titles

- On the End Titles tab check the 'Use end titles' box

- Turn on the 'Fade in' transition setting, set the duration as needed and click OK.

Done! Hope this helps.


FlashBack Support Team

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