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Toggle Option for Time Limited Recording

I have two modes of operation that I switch back and forth between::

  1. Time Limited mode, where i leave the recorder running to capture incidents but limit the recording time to 5 minutes, no audio
  2. One off recordings of variable length > 5 minutes, probably with audio
Imagine my angst when I finish recording a 15 minute recording only to find that the first 10 minutes are gone because I forgot to toggle the recorder options.

I would like to be able to toggle the settings 'on the fly'

Either this should be on the dialogue box that appears when you start a recording session as a prominent feature, which warns you of your current setting before you start, so that you can change the Recorder Options.

Or [and possible AND] see other request for Task Bar Recorder Controller  - the current setting should be displayed there with an option to change it.

I realise there is already a taskbar item - in the notification area - but it is not visible.

I would like to add:

The in flight options should include an option to enable / disable system logging because sometimes I am working an a PC based app that needs it and sometimes on a web app where the PC system logs are irrelevant. (Although if you could capture the browser's event logs instead that would be fantastic)


The reason why I dislike the keyboard shortcuts is that I have slightly impaired mobility in my hands and three key combinations are particularly difficult to use.  Most two key combinations are already taken, leaving only obscure ones.  It would be a bonus if multimedia keyboard buttons for play / pause could be utilised as hotkeys.



To answer your points:

re. 'limit by time' option: toggling on the fly is unlikely to be possible, but we'll see if we can give you some warning that the feature is turned on before recording starts.

re. enabling / disabling logging on the fly. This won't be possible. But it should always be turned on and only disabled in a situation where we believe the logging is causing some problem itself.

re. keyboard shortcuts. We try not to use 3-key combinations, though we do use shift-ctrl-S for "Save As" because its a standard. The shortcut for play/pause is already a simple one - the space bar. Sounds like you want to be able to assign custom shortcut keys for some functions, but we wouldn't be able to add this as a priority.  


FlashBack Team

My bad.  When I said Play / Pause I meant Record / Pause


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