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Some noob questions

I a\m using a trial licence.

I have set these two options:


... but despite this, the recordings exceed 10 minutes and recording doesn't pause when there's no activity > 10 seconds. What am I missing please?

I want to set the pause recording setting to 5 seconds.  I assume this is not possible.  Is there an option to record only when there is screen or mouse movement?

Pause seems to be working OK now.  I had some problems with the app around the recording quality settings so I switched from auto mode to manual mpeg and dialled back the qmax quality setting.  That error message seems to have gone now


Due to the splicing of temp files, recordings may sometimes exceed the time set in 'limit by time' by a small amount but it should be no more than a minute or two.


We've tested out the 'pause if no keyboard or mouse activity' option and it seems to work OK for us. Can you check this feature again by recording something like a clock to be sure that recording is or isn't pausing. You should see the time count on the FlashBack Recorder window stop when recording is paused.

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