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How to add keystrokes annotations to the video?


I see that keystrokes are captured with the video. How these keystrokes can be added as annotations to the video?



The only keystrokes that can be displayed in recordings are 'invisible keystrokes', such as Delete and Home, or hotkey combinations that include the Ctrl and Shift keys. You can display these if you are using either the Pro or the Plus edition.

To display these, go to Effects -> Display Invisible Keystrokes and select 'Show Invisible Keystrokes'. Then configure how you want the textboxes that display each keystroke to be styled on the popup window that appears.

OK, so that's a player option that you can only apply once a recording is loaded right?  Does that mean you have to apply these in post editing to every video where you want it?

That sucks.  I need it all the time and it's gonna be a right chore to have to keep adding it.


1. It takes a very long time to add the keystrokes into the video

2. If you have to press and hold a key while selecting another, you get columns and columns of text boxes related to the single venet, which gives a false impression of what is happening.  I tried to look at teh option to see if i could make an adjustment to fix this issue.  And then I discovered that the only option was to Hide the keystrokes.  So I selected that and the app crashed.  Not very impressed so far.

Am running Win 10 Home 64 bit on an Intel core i5-5500 16GB

Yes, it is a post-recording operation that will generate text boxes for all relevant keystrokes.


You can edit or delete the textboxes added by the 'invisible keystrokes' function, just as any other textbox, so it is possible for you to delete the unneeded ones.


Selecting to hide the keystrokes shouldn't cause a crash. Could you use the 'Report Problem to Blueberry' option in the Help menu to send us an error report so we can take a look at the log files please?

I have sent the error report

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