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Black screen but able to record sound

Hi guys, 

I have been unable to record my screen. It comes up as black but I can see my cursor moving around. I can also successfully record sound. 

I need to point out I am using the 30 day trial, and I am using a mac with Wine installed. 

I was wondering if anyone could help me please? 


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Do you know if the content that you are trying to record is using hardware acceleration? Unfortunately, FlashBack is unable to record hardware accelerated content and the result of trying to record this sort of content will be a black screen with the mouse cursor moving on it and sound - in otherwords, the symptoms you have described.

Does the content that you are trying to record contain any video settings such as an 'Enable hardware acceleration' option that you can disable or a Rendering setting that you can change to 'software'?
I had the same problem, except I've recorded using the same program for over an hour with no problems. Is there any reason as to why it's a black screen now? Also, is there any way to fix the recording at all? If not, then I have all this lost footage as well as no way to prevent this from reoccuring considering the software I'm using doesn't have any video settings.
What software are you trying to record?

Hello. I've recently begun suffering this problem too.

I use Flashback Express Recorder to record from the ITV Hub website, based in the UK, on my PC using the Microsoft Edge browser and have done so successfully for over a year now.

Since Thursday or Friday of last week (the 13th and 14th of July), my recordings have perfect audio but a black screen where the video usually is. The problem occurs in browsers other than Microsoft Edge i.e Firefox.

I don't recall changing any settings within the Flashback Recorder application but despite this I've noticed since the end of last week, my videos are now saved within a Temp Flashback Recorder folder which is not the norm. There also seems to be a new occurrence on the ITV Hub website which is when you pause a video, the picture is blacked out and usually only returns when you press play.

The version of Flashback Express Recorder I have been using is v5.25.0.4229. I have updated to v5.26.0.4259, and will report back on any success (or lack of) with that.

Many sites are increasing using hardware acceleration to improve video performance but doing this bypasses FlashBack so it is unable to capture the image. So this won't be due to any settings that you have changed - it will be caused by changes to the sites you are trying to record and how your browsers handle them.

For whichever browser you are trying to record from, there should be an option to enable / disable hardware acceleration - you may need to Google where to find it for your particular browser but find and disable that.

If that makes no difference, start viewing the ITV website and then right click on the video. Click the Settings option and then disable the 'Enable Hardware Acceleration' option.

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