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Is it possible to blur portions of a recording (for privacy/security?)

For example, when showing a change of directory during a recording, it may not be desirable to let the general public see a particular directory structure and filenames that might have been caught during the navigation to the target directory.  Same idea when TV news broadcasts sometimes blur faces or license plate numbers.

Is this possible in Flashback Pro 5?  Any suggested workarounds? (editing out those frames or placing a big text box over the subject comes to mind).



Yes - you can add a 'blur' object to hide these details. In the FlashBack Player menus, go to Insert -> Blur. You can also add one via the buttons in the central toolbar.



Blueberry Support

Ah.  I should have pulled down all the list boxes and searched more thoroughly.  I see it all clearly now.  Sorry for the trouble.  Thanks!

how do we blur a section of the screen during a video? ( we could blur  a frames, but how could we keep a particular area blur for a period of time pls?

You can set the duration (in seconds) that the blur appears for when adding it.

Or you can increase the duration of an existing blur by stretching the blur object that appears below the framebar.

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