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Can't open .fbr files anymore...

After the update yesterday, I am no longer able to open .fbr files with FlashBack Pro.  When I start the program, the smaller Recorder window opens.  I try to open a recent file from the File menu, but nothing happens.  If I double-click on the file, Windows does not recognize the .fbr extension.

Help, please!  I have a deadline today...



Thanks for your reply.  No, there were no error messages.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked fine.  Have a great day!


Hi Russ,

So you don't see any error messages appear?

Can you try reinstalling FlashBack just in case there has been a problem during installation.If that does not make any difference, can you open the Recorder and use the 'Report Problem to Blueberry...' option in the Support section of the Help menu to send us an error report please. This will send us a set of log files that we can take a look at to try to see what is going on.


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