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Restore Unsaved Records


would you mind answer me that how to restore unsaved records? I recorded my screen but by mistake didn't save it , is there anyway to restore it now? 

It's only possible to recover an unsaved recording if it was not saved because of some sort of unexpected interuption in recording, such as the PC crashing.

If you ended the recording session normally and then chose not to save the recording, I'm afraid there is no way to retrieve that recording.

ok...thanks for your attention and replying.


While recording my screen, after 1:30 hrs my PC crashed and i lost the session. I could see a file in Temp folder with 2.27 Gb. When i started another session, i got a popup window for restore option. i tried restoring. After that another popup window came up and showing "please wait". It is showing like that and nothing happens or moving. Please help me restoring the corrupted file. 

Thank you.


For large files it may take some time to complete. However, if it does not progress at all for a very long time, then it is likely that there is not enough information available from before the PC crashed to recover the file into a working state.


Hi Everybody, new here. First time I used FBR it asked me if I wanted to save files and I did. Now I can't find them anywhere. Subsequent uses of FBR, when I close. Player opens up, then when I save at end of player, saved files easily found. Surely if I allowed Blueberry to see what I'm recording there are hidden files of what I recorded but don't now show up as saved.?? I've not been connected to Internet since d/l Flashback Hope help is out there Andy

You should be able to access saved recordings via the File -> Open Recent menu in FlashBack Recorder. 

Another way to find where you've been saving them: make a recording, select to 'Review' when you stop recording, try to save the recording, and the 'Save As' window will show the folder you saved to previously. Sounds like you may have done this already though.

Possibly you had an older version of FlashBack which saved them to the /Documents/BB FlashBack Movies folder, instead of the /Documents/FlashBack Movies folder which version 5 saves to by default.


FlashBack Support Team

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