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Web Cam massive delay


I've just started using Flashback and the video capture is very easy to use and export.

The only hitch I have is that the webcam view has a huge lag in it, like one frame every few seconds.

I am using a brand new Surface Pro 4 with built in camera.

It is so bad that I have switched off the webcam recording as it adds nothing to the video.

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Hi Jens,

Can you check which version you are using by going to Help -> About please?

We added some fixes for recording Surface 4 webcams in verison 5.16, so if you you are using an earlier version, use the Help -> Check for Updates option to get the latest version and see if that makes any difference.

If you are using 5.16 or later, can you use the Help -> Support -> Report Problem to Blueberry option to send us an error report and we'll take a look at the log files that are included in it. Don't forget to include your email and a quick description so we know which report is yours.

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