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Where do I insert my Licence Key into "Express" for "Plus"?

 Being impressed with Express version I purchased a Licence key to upgrade to Plus. I have read the instructions but can't find a Button allowing me to insert my Licence Key for upgrading to Plus.

Please advise,


Currently we allow users to install all 3 editions of FlashBack simulataneously (so they can compare trial for each, for example) but this means that each edition has to have a separate installation.


So if you have upgraded your licence to a different edition, you will need to download and install the new edition.


You can access download links for any edition that you have a licence for by logging into your account at and going to the Download Product screen.

When you start the newly installed edition, you will be prompted to enter your licence key.
So, simply put, I can not apply my Plus 5 licence from within the Express Free edition - period. What I would need to do would have been to d/l the Plus5 trial and then apply my licence key. If this is the case the instructions from BB aren't clear, as it says I can do this from whatever I have. Or else I've got this completely wrong and in which case I apologise. Graham

Yes, that is correct. The licence key will only be accepted by the edition that it is for.

If you let me know specifically which instructions you found unclear, we will review and amend them as necessary.

Well, see what I see:

It was from just that one line that I was assuming I could go ahead, buy my licence j=key and following the instructions to go to a licensed Plus 5.
To me it was not obvious that would need to have the Demo of Plus 5 already installed.




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