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Prefromance Problems

When I record it doesn't lag much but when the recording displays it's has a lot of lag. I even have the correct settings on an took the performance test and even with those settings it lags!!! My computer does meet the system requirements so does anyone have any suggestions?  

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What sort of content are you trying to record? If you are recording moving video or video games, make sure you have MPEG mode selected. For everything else, try GDI mode.

As you increase the frame rate, this will increase the load on your CPU. In some cases, reducing the frame rate will actually give better performance because it reduces the strain on your CPU.

Similarly, CPU load will increase as you increase the size of the region you are recording so if you can reduce the size of the region, that may help improve performance.

Finally, if you have any unnecessary applications running, close those to make sure they aren't holding onto any system resources that FlashBack would benefit from having instead.


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