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Newest update breaks several things?

When recording, we used to get a countdown window by default... Unless that's a preference that can be set.

Also various Cannot find entry point... in dll error messages,

And, it keeps warning that the recording has loses, and to switch to a smaller area.

(this is on an i7 with 16Gb RAM)

None of this happened with the previous version. 



The countdown window can be enabled and disabled by going to Tools -> Options -> Misc and toggling the 'Show 3-2-1 countdown when recordijng starts' option.

For the errors that you are seeing, can you please use the 'Report Problem to Blueberry...' option in the Support section of the Help to send us an error report the next time one occurs please? This will include a set of logs files that our developers can take a look at. If the error forces FlashBack to close, just restart whichever application you were using and then send the error report.

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