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Dark background, dark soundtrack image - not very good idea

As you can see in the picture above, in Flashback v5 track image is not very visible, because of both background and the track itself being represented in dark colours.

When you spend hours working with your great product - it's becoming very annoying.

Could you make the background lighter, or otherwise (like in v3 for example)? Or give users a choice? Or maybe there is actually an option to change it?

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Thanks for your feedback

Your image looks much darker than what I'd expect. Do you have quite dark colour  settings in Windows? This is the sort of thing we see which is somewhat clearer:

We are currently working on a second colour scheme that will be 'light' like the older colour scheme from FlashBack 1 - 4. When this is ready, users will be able to toggle between the 'dark' and 'light' schemes to choose whichever one they prefer.

Unfortunately, we don't have any sort of time scale on when that will be released yet.

mine is dark black


The dark background is awful.  Take a look at SnagIt's light backgroumd option

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